Bolthouse Productions Presents: 10th Annual Neon Carnival

Neon Carnival, one of the most exclusive events during the desert-weekender, will be hosting their 10th annual carnival extravaganza! In partnership with Levi’s® Brand, Bolthouse Productions’ party will include sponsorship by beauty supply brand Bondi Sands and the highly-anticipated film POKÉMON Detective Pikachu by Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures. Brent Bolthouse, the maestro behind the one of the most celebrated events, will continue to bring life to after-party seekers for an attraction-filled, music-thumping, celebrity-filled carnival. For the first time, Bolthouse Productions will debut Neon Carnival for the desert’s most-popular country music and arts festival as well. Neon Carnival will take place on April 13 AND 27.

Here are some of our favorite experiences from the past few years at Neon Carnival:

The dance floor was filled with an array of lights and visuals. Residents DJ Ruckus, DJ Politik, Jessie Marco, and Kayper catered to the attendees with classic hip-hop/R&B jams and vibe-boosting house music. VIP and bottle service guests were served Don Julio 1942.

Bumper cars is always a great time, but many can’t help but Instagram and drive, which leads to total chaos on the ride (in the best possible way). We bumped into DJ and producer Zedd on the ride (no pun intended). Many other celebrities were enjoying the illuminated scenery such as Drake, Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul, Leonardo Di Caprio, and more. 

Last year, all attendees were given heart-shaped diffraction glasses, adding a fun, colorful twist to the already-colorful scenery, especially when playing carnival games.

The Ferris wheel is an absolute MUST. An aerial view of the entire party is breathtaking. Sit back and enjoy the show from the top. It’s something you won’t want to miss.

A decade later, Neon Carnival is still (and always will be) the place to be.

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