Institubes Records (2003-2011)

The beloved Institubes Records (2003-2011) has officially decided pulled the plug. It was a solid 8 years of bangers from artists like Jean Nippon, Para One, Surkin, Bobmo, Tacteel, and Midnight Juggernauts. What’s next? Well, Para One, Bobmo and Surkin have begun their plan starting a new empire to the electronic-house music scene, called Marble Music. No releases have been announced, but we expect a bunch of new stuff this year!

So musically this Marble shit isn’t just about a new specific subgenre or whatever, it’s more about meeting people and ideas, trying new stuff, maybe choosing more risky, extreme paths than before. This is about creating fresh ways to talk to bodies and emotions. Blending the rough and the tender, the repetitive and the crashing. – Marble Music

Check out Marble’s teaser!