Justice new album in 2010 under reborn Elektra label?

According to Billboard.com, Reborn Electra Record Label has recruited a few artists, like Cee-Lo from Knarles Barkley, UK’s Little Boots, and Justice from Ed Banger Records. Shocking enough, will this be a positive or negative turn for Justice?

According to Billboard.com, the reborn Electra record label has recruited the french duo Justice for their forthcoming album. 

Justice‘s last album was released under the Because Music/ Ed Banger label, and was in some part responsible for the label’s recent successes.


I’m not too familiar with the details of the deal. Will this new change scar the connection between Justice and their former record label Ed Banger Records from France? What does their mentor Busy P think about all this? Will this change also have an impact on Justice’s funky style in their upcoming tracks as they progress through a more mainstream label? We’ll just have to wait till the time comes.

Elektra will simply control the distribution of the Ed Banger releases in the US. 🙂

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