Bring back your High School memories at Hollywood Prom 2009!

No jocks, no cheerleaders, no bullshit high school drama. On May 15, join us at Avalon in Hollywood for the 3rd annual Hollywood Prom! Hosted by Mr. Belding, he created an online voting system to vote for the next Hollywood Prom King and Queen. Brad Hoss, who originated with the idea, arranged a competition for the prom King and Queen of this event! Having over 1000 guests, there will be tons of votes for everyone’s favorite candidate!

The Knux, who just performed at Coachella 2009, will have a live performance, including DJ sets by Skeet Skeet and Mr. White. So come and relive it once more! Click HERE to to go the Facebook page.

Click HERE to redirect to the Hollywood Prom website.

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