Shadow Dancer – Soap

Shadow Dancer, signed to Boys Noize Records, has a new track coming out. Soap is a hugely anticipated [and overdue] release on the label, and is expected to be released sometime within the next few months. The track has apparently been complete for quite some time now, as Erol Alkan dropped it during a DJ set last April.

Latest Boys Noize Remixes


Alex Ridha, aka Boys Noize, has recently released two remixes. One of his remixes is originally by CJ Bolland. Last but not least, one of Boys Noize’s finest, the long awaited Late of the Pier – Focker remix! The fast, glitchy distortion added to the songs gives it that epic build-up! Truely amazing. Listen to the track below.

Both tracks are transcoded to 160kbps. If you like it, go buy it.