BNR VOL. 1 Teaser by Strip Steve

Boys Noize Records is about to release its first official compilation, BNR VOL. 1. Strip Steve, an artist off the record label, made a teaser track for BNR VOL 1. The official release date of the compilation album is on September 21, 2008.

  • Strip Steve – BNR VOL 1. Teaser
  • Track List:

    1. Siriusmo – Mein Neues Fahrrad (Boys Noize Edit)
    2. Shadow Dancer – Poke
    3. The Faint – The Geeks Were Right (Boys Noize Vs D.I.M. Remix)
    4. Puzique – Don’t Go
    5. Boys Noize – Volta 82
    6. Djedjotronic Feat. Spoek – Dirty & Hard
    7. John Starlight – Shadowbreaker (Boys Noize Mix No.1)
    8. Les Petits Pilous – Dodo Electro
    9. Strip Steve – Ready Steady
    10. D.I.M. – Is You
    11. Housemeister – We Need Cash
    12. Shadow Dancer – Cowbois (Das Glow Remix)
    13. Boys Noize – Kill The Kid
    14. Darmstadt – Out Of The Blue (D.I.M. Remix)
    15. Einzeller – Schwarzfahrer
    16. Housemeister – Hello Again
    17. Siriusmo – Simple
    18. Puzique – Thomas
    19. Shadow Dancer – What Is Natural
    20. Les Petits Pilous – Wake Up
    21. Clp – Ready Or Not
    22. I Robots – Frau (Pandullo Vs. Und Mix)
    23. Boys Noize – Lava Lava (Feadz Aval Aval Remix)
    24. D.I.M. – Is You (Brodinski Remix)
    25. Eastwest – Psychedelic Disco
    26. Puzique – Chemie
    27. Les Petits Pilous – Jolie Fille
    28. Strip Steve – You & I
    29. Housemeister – Sonne, Mond & Sterne
    30. Siriusmo – Last Dear

    Shadow Dancer – Cowbois

    Paul Farrier, also known as Shadow Dancer, is an artist signed under Boys Noize Records. His most recent release on the label is the single to his track Cowbois. On the 12″, there are remixes of the track by Dilemn, Strip Steve (also signed under BNR), and Das Glow. Click below for a sample of one of the songs off the single.

  • Shadow Dancer – Cowbois (Dilemn Remix)

    Like it? 12″ copies for sale on Discogs

  • Pedrophobia (Levon Remix)

    Busy P, manager of Ed Banger Records, has recently released two tracks, which have been on his new EP, Pedrophilia. He has a new track called Pedrophilia, which consists of heavy beats and dark riffs. His most popular track, To Protect and Entertain, is a hip-hop/electronic song Busy P produced, with vocals by Murs. He also samples the “old” Pedrophilia instrumental track.

    Combining those two songs, I made a little remix/mash-up, which I like to call “Pedrophobia”. So you have the dark riffs and heavy beats, along with the instrumental version of To Protect and Entertain. Enjoy!

  • Busy P – Pedrophilia (Levon Pedrophobia Mash-up)