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[Fake] New Justice track “Beginning Of The End”

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[Fake] New Justice track “Beginning Of The End”

Posted on 27 January 2010 by shaunt

Justice Rex

Update:  According to official sources at Ed Banger Records, Beginning Of The End is a hoax. Along with other music sites/blogs, we received this track via email from a convincing-sounding address “promo@edbangerrecords.com”…  Oddly enough, this track sounds a lot like Justice… give it a listen below.

The French electro duo Justice are making a return with the release of their upcoming single, “Beginning Of The End.” This is the first original track they’ve produced and released since Planisphere, which was originally set to be a composition for the Dior Homme runway last year. Beginning Of The End begins with with the fanfare-like sound used in a few of their remixes (namely, the remix of Klaxons’ As Above So Below), and then switches gears and delivers here a healthy dosage of drugs climaxing to the sound of the signature distorted harpsichord synth first introduced in Planisphere.

Prior to listening, I was a bit skeptical of Justice’s return to production, as it had been quite a while since they’d put something out. Their debut album  is a tough one to follow; anything following would be judged by extremely high standards. However, after a listen, it seems as though they’re on the right track, picking up from where Planisphere left off… Justice is back.. and I bet after listening to this track, I won’t be the only person to be certain of the duo’s epic return to production.

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New Justice Track – Planisphere

Posted on 06 September 2008 by shaunt

In July, we posted about a mix that Justice did for the runway of the Dior Homme collection.

Justice has done a new fifteen minute mix for the Dior Homme fashion show in Paris, just like Daft Punk did last summer for Louis Vuitton. On the 29th of June Justice dropped the brand new track to accompany the runway. The track features heavy synths and bass-lines, harpsichord progressions, and elements of Justice tracks that we all love.

The mix was revealed as a brand new composition by the duo exclusively for the show, and there was no evidence to support a record release of the mix. The track did inevitably leak to the web as a low quality bootleg copy, ripped directly from the video. Today, however, the original clean recording of the track leaked to the web, resurfacing as Planisphere.

We have a copy of the track here for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.


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