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Pedrophobia (Levon Remix)

Posted on 11 August 2008 by levon

Busy P, manager of Ed Banger Records, has recently released two tracks, which have been on his new EP, Pedrophilia. He has a new track called Pedrophilia, which consists of heavy beats and dark riffs. His most popular track, To Protect and Entertain, is a hip-hop/electronic song Busy P produced, with vocals by Murs. He also samples the “old” Pedrophilia instrumental track.

Combining those two songs, I made a little remix/mash-up, which I like to call “Pedrophobia”. So you have the dark riffs and heavy beats, along with the instrumental version of To Protect and Entertain. Enjoy!

  • Busy P – Pedrophilia (Levon Pedrophobia Mash-up)
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    Busy P – Protect and Entertain (Mr. Oizo Remix)

    Posted on 13 July 2008 by levon

    Here’s a recent remix off of Busy P’s Pedrophilia EP. Notice the songs “We Will Rock You” and “That’s the Way” sampled in this remix?


  • Busy P – Protect and Entertain (Mr. Oizo Remix) (zshare)
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