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(Non)Photos from TIGA at CONTROL

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(Non)Photos from TIGA at CONTROL

Posted on 30 May 2009 by shaunt

We’re back, and i’m here typing away when I really could be (should be) asleep by now…

We arrived at CONTROL early enough to see no more than a handful of people on the dancefloor, but by the end of Destructo’s opening set the Avalon began to live up to its expectation of being a danceclub.

Last night’s CONTROL was one of the best yet.

Question: What could be better than some of the world’s best electronic producers operating the decks within a lit ultra-massive ghettoblaster up on stage?
I’ll tell you: Seeing some of the world’s best electronic producers operating the decks within a lit ultra-massive ghettoblaster up on stage WITH access to free cocktails from Bacardi.

So about the night:
During James Murphy’s set, if you closed your eyes, you’d think you’re at a full-on discotheque (of course, i’m to young to really know what that means… but take my word for it [not that it matters]).
But the night really didn’t climax till Tiga blasted everyone into another mindimension dropping some of his new shit, some tracks for sexor and all kinds of other electro[clash] stuff. To say the least, it was the best CONTROL in a while.

This post wouldn’t be complete without some electronic industry gossip, right? Before his set, I had a chance to speak to Tiga about the future of ZZT (for those of you who don’t know, ZZT is the name of the EPIC collaboration between Tiga and Zombie Nation which has produced such tracks as Lower State of Consciousness and The Worm). Tiga hinted at the possibility of a full-on ZZT album within the not-so-distant future. Also, we asked about Russian producer [as well as label-mate] Proxy and whether he’d ever come to play in the U.S.. From what we knew, Proxy was having some visa issues, but Tiga assured us that this is [would get] resolved and that we’d soon probably get a chance to see a Proxy DJ set here in the States.
Bottom line, Tiga killed it, as the crowd kept going strong until 3AM (European readers: this is actually LATE for L.A.).

Blah blah blah blahblah… The fact of the matter is, you don’t want to read this. You want your photos. Face it. In reality, you’re probably on this site wondering whether or not you look intoxicated in the photos the kid and I took of you last night. I can’t help you with that…. yet.
Photos tomorrow.

Update: (5/31) Photos are now up HERE…

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Simian Mobile Disco – Original Run (Sample)

Posted on 29 August 2008 by shaunt

Simian Mobile Disco have been tapped to produce the next installment of Nike’s Original Run series—the series of full-length original music produced thus far by Cassius, A-Trak and most famously LCD Soundsystem. URB Magazine scored a five minute clip from the SMD edition in all its minimal acid and tribal drum glory. We’ve also got it here for your listening pleasure…

In case you haven’t heard the mix by LCD Soundsystem, here’s Track 4 from the record…

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