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Coachella 2012 Line Up Announced

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Coachella 2012 Line Up Announced

Posted on 10 January 2012 by levon

Once again, it’s that time of year when we all retweet and re-post Coachella fliers on Facebook and Twitter. The line up was announced on January 9, featuring big artists such as Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog, Radiohead, the Black Keys, Justice, and many more! The concert will be held 2 consecutive weekends, from April 13-15, & 20-22. Check out the flier below!

Stay tuned for updates on Coachella parties! Ace hotel will be hosting another bangin’ party, so stick around! Check out last year’s Coachella party post HERE!

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Mr. Oizo – Where’s The Money George?

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Mr. Oizo – Where’s The Money George?

Posted on 01 April 2010 by shaunt

Here’s a new entertaining short video clip by Mr. Oizo featuring Flat Beat and Pharrell Williams.

In the November 2009 issue of MixMag, Justice stated that they will be producing the soundtrack to Mr. Oizo’s latest film Rubber, before they begin working on their new album. On March 6, Mr. Oizo announced the recording of his upcoming album called 2010. We will have more information on the album later, so stay tuned.

Mr. Oizo "Rubber"

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[Fake] New Justice track “Beginning Of The End”

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[Fake] New Justice track “Beginning Of The End”

Posted on 27 January 2010 by shaunt

Justice Rex

Update:  According to official sources at Ed Banger Records, Beginning Of The End is a hoax. Along with other music sites/blogs, we received this track via email from a convincing-sounding address “promo@edbangerrecords.com”…  Oddly enough, this track sounds a lot like Justice… give it a listen below.

The French electro duo Justice are making a return with the release of their upcoming single, “Beginning Of The End.” This is the first original track they’ve produced and released since Planisphere, which was originally set to be a composition for the Dior Homme runway last year. Beginning Of The End begins with with the fanfare-like sound used in a few of their remixes (namely, the remix of Klaxons’ As Above So Below), and then switches gears and delivers a healthy dosage of electro beats climaxing to the sound of the signature distorted harpsichord synth first introduced in Planisphere.

Prior to listening, I was a bit skeptical of Justice’s return to production, as it had been quite a while since they’d put something out. Their debut album  is a tough one to follow; anything following would be judged by extremely high standards. However, after a listen, it seems as though they’re on the right track, picking up from where Planisphere left off… Justice is back.. and I bet after listening to this track, I won’t be the only person to be certain of the duo’s epic return to production.

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Photos from Be the D.A.N.C.E.

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Photos from Be the D.A.N.C.E.

Posted on 27 December 2009 by shaunt

About a month ago, we checked out Be the D.A.N.C.E. exhibit. On display were 70 Justice D.A.N.C.E.-inspired t-shirts hand-painted by Simone Wicks [hmm.. that's a lot of hyphens]. If you haven’t seen them yet, the designs are awesome. She’s planning on selling these shirts, so if you’re interested we’ll have details for you soon.

CLICK IT to see the photos or check out high-res shots on our flickr.

Taken November 21st, 2009 at the 23rd Street Lofts in Los Angeles, CA.

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Be the D.A.N.C.E. Exhibition this Saturday

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Be the D.A.N.C.E. Exhibition this Saturday

Posted on 18 November 2009 by shaunt

23rd St. Lofts Presents the One Day exhibit of:
Be the D.A.N.C.E – a collection of wearable art couture.


Inspired by Justice’s music video D.A.N.C.E., Simone Wicks has hand painted 70 one of a kind pieces.

These pieces are being sold at this event so if there is one in particular you want please come early as they are one of a kind – cash only $40 – $70

Wine and Cheese will be served : ) DJs spinning, and roaming photos by Club Soda,

It’s this Saturday, November 21st, 2009 from 7PM to 10:30 at the 23rd Street Lofts in Downtown LA…. map?

Want more info? Check the facebook event here.

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Photos from HARD Haunted Mansion 2009

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Photos from HARD Haunted Mansion 2009

Posted on 03 November 2009 by shaunt

The photos are up.

Click it to see the photos, or check out high-res shots on our flickr.

Now, time for much-needed sleep.

Taken October 30th and 31st at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA.

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Justice new album in 2010 under reborn Elektra label?

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Justice new album in 2010 under reborn Elektra label?

Posted on 02 June 2009 by levon

According to Billboard.com, the reborn Electra record label has recruited the french duo Justice for their forthcoming album. 

Justice‘s last album was released under the Because Music/ Ed Banger label, and was in some part responsible for the label’s recent successes.


I’m not too familiar with the details of the deal. Will this new change scar the connection between Justice and their former record label Ed Banger Records from France? What does their mentor Busy P think about all this? Will this change also have an impact on Justice’s funky style in their upcoming tracks as they progress through a more mainstream label? We’ll just have to wait till the time comes.

Elektra will simply control the distribution of the Ed Banger releases in the US. :)

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Stick to the C.O.K.E.

Posted on 13 February 2009 by shaunt

Justice and So-Me have collaborated with Coca Cola in the endorsement of the Club Coke 09 product. The video incorporates the same cartoon graphical style as the D.A.N.C.E. music video.

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Photos from Last Night – HARD Halloween

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Photos from Last Night – HARD Halloween

Posted on 01 November 2008 by shaunt

Last night was the first part of our own take on the weekend that never dies. First, we were at the screening of A Cross The Universe, the new Justice documentary, sitting right aside Boys Noize and the Ed Rec Crew for the screening.

but that was just the beginning. We proceeded to the real deal…. got a Hard-on at HARD Haunted Mansion at the Shrine.


We will be in Vegas tonight for the Fabulous Festival, and back in LA for the DJ Falcon appearance at Banana Split Sundaes.

Click it to see the gallery.
For high resolution photos, see the photos on our flickr account.
Taken October 31st, 2008 at Nike Sportswear at The Montalbán, Hollywood and The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

On a side note, events will be running at The Montalbán until the end of the year.

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A Cross The Universe Screening in LA

Posted on 28 October 2008 by shaunt

As if there isn’t enough stuff going on in LA this Halloween weekend, something new has been announced.

The Busy P Halloween night AirForce launch event we told you about earlier now has been turned into a movie screening event. A Cross The Universe, the new Justice documentary will be screened at the Montalban this Friday night. You can RSVP here.

This film contains mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for all ages. You’ve been warned. 

Friday October 31st, 2008
6PM – Opening reception with cocktails courtesy of Belvedere Vodka
7PM – Film Premiere introduced by Busy P and Justice
8PM – Busy P x Nike Air Force 1 Launch 

Nike Sportswear at The Montalbán
1615 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA

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