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Darling Records

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Darling Records

Posted on 29 June 2009 by levon

Darling Records, the record label founded by Axel le Baron and Julien Kourbatoff, revives the classic, French filter-house music which sounds like the former Crydamoure Records from France. Including other artists in the label like signee Eric Chédeville a.k.a. Rico the Wizard, Darling Records will continue to produce tracks for future releases. Their FACEBOOK page will keep you informed about future releases. Stay tuned.

Darling 001: Axel Le Baron – Primary School
Darling 002: Rico the Wizard – Spell Of Love
Darling 003: Axel Le Baron – Music Is The Danger
Darling 004: Le Baron/Kourbatoff – In Love (Coming Soon)


Buy the tracks HERE.

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