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Daft Punk Sweeps the 2014 Grammy Awards!

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Daft Punk Sweeps the 2014 Grammy Awards!

Posted on 26 January 2014 by levon

Congratulations to Daft Punk for sweeping all 5 categories at the 2014 Grammy Awards (though Taylor Swift wasn’t too pleased). The robot duo has come a long way since Roule and Crydamoure records, winning album of the year, best dance/electronica album, best engineered album, record of the year, and best pop duo/group performance! It was great to see Thomas, Guy, Nile Rodgers, and Pharrell accompanied on stage with all their past time buddies like Todd Edwards, DJ Falcon, and more. The heartfelt hug explains it all *tear*. Bravo!


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Coachella 2014 Line-Up Announced

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Coachella 2014 Line-Up Announced

Posted on 09 January 2014 by levon

Today is a happy day for all you Coachella junkies. Looks like yet another great year to catch some worthwhile performances back at Empire Polo Fields. Many artists will be debuting some of their new material, such as Queens of the Stone Age, Chromeo, Duck Sauce, and many more!

As we can see, Pharrell and DJ Falcon will be performing at the festival. The force is strong with Daft Punk’s presence (as we have always seen them hang around the grounds for many years). Would this potentially mean that the masked robot duo will appear on stage? We shall wait and see.

Coachella Music and Arts Festival will take place April 11-13, and 18-20. GA admission tickets go on sale Friday, January 10 at 10AM. Make sure to sign up before you deal with technical problems along the way. Get them here!

…and most of all, don’t forget about our annual Coachella 2014 party post! Here’s our post from the previous year! For more info, follow our Facebook page and our new Instagram account for more details!

Much love,

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Falcon: “Roule is not over…”

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Falcon: “Roule is not over…”

Posted on 05 April 2010 by shaunt

The good people over at Data Transmission recently had a chat with DJ Falcon. Falcon debuted his “My Name is DJ Falcon” on Roule Records–the independent frech house record label founded by Thomas Bangalter, one half of Daft Punk. In the mid 1990s, Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel De Homem Christoph, collectively known as Daft Punk, concentrated some efforts on starting their own record labels for independent releases. Guy-Man’s disco-centric Crydamoure Records, and Thomas’ Roule records produced a handful of releases before going dormant. It should be emphasized, though, that the word for the current status of the label is dormant rather than dead. Falcon assured Data Transmission that Roule records indeed is still around and the Roule crew may have a few surprises in store within the next couple years.

“Roulé is not officially over” [Falcon] revealed to us. “It’s not finished. Crydmoure, yeah, but Roulé is still on…there’s nothing really playing on it, but it’s not over. So maybe one day…because Thomas and Roulé was all about surprising people…so you never know what to expect from Thomas, which is good. But officially, Roulé is still on.

The last time we spoke to DJ Falcon while he was booked for a gig in Los Angeles, he mentioned that he was scheduld for some studio time in Paris for recording new material, and assured us that he’d been working on an album. There was no mention though as to whether it’d be released under the Roule heading. However, this new information revealed may suggest that this may indeed be a possibility. We have our fingers crossed…

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“The Crash” — Newly leaked Daft Punk(?) track from Tron 2?

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“The Crash” — Newly leaked Daft Punk(?) track from Tron 2?

Posted on 28 January 2010 by shaunt


Update: It appears this is another hoax, as a group called Pilot Priest have confirmed that it’s their track. Hopefully this bullshit should stop, and we’ll get our hands on some real Daft Punk material soon..

Last night we brought you what we thought was new Justice material. Well, tonight we got our hands on a track titled “The Crash” which appears to be from the soundtrack of the upcoming sequal to Tron, for which Daft Punk is putting together the soundtrack. Yet another one for the rumor mill, this track appears to be new production from Daft Punk (which has yet to be confirmed by french robot duo). For your listening curiosity, here it is:

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