[Fake] New Justice track “Beginning Of The End”

Posted on 27 January 2010 by shaunt

Justice Rex

Update:  According to official sources at Ed Banger Records, Beginning Of The End is a hoax. Along with other music sites/blogs, we received this track via email from a convincing-sounding address “promo@edbangerrecords.com”…  Oddly enough, this track sounds a lot like Justice… give it a listen below.

The French electro duo Justice are making a return with the release of their upcoming single, “Beginning Of The End.” This is the first original track they’ve produced and released since Planisphere, which was originally set to be a composition for the Dior Homme runway last year. Beginning Of The End begins with with the fanfare-like sound used in a few of their remixes (namely, the remix of Klaxons’ As Above So Below), and then switches gears and delivers here a healthy dosage of drugs climaxing to the sound of the signature distorted harpsichord synth first introduced in Planisphere.

Prior to listening, I was a bit skeptical of Justice’s return to production, as it had been quite a while since they’d put something out. Their debut album  is a tough one to follow; anything following would be judged by extremely high standards. However, after a listen, it seems as though they’re on the right track, picking up from where Planisphere left off… Justice is back.. and I bet after listening to this track, I won’t be the only person to be certain of the duo’s epic return to production.