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大沢 伸 – 鉄板焼き / Shinichi Osawa – Teppan-Yaki

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大沢 伸 – 鉄板焼き / Shinichi Osawa – Teppan-Yaki

Posted on 17 September 2009 by shaunt

Japanese electronic music producer and DJ Shinichi Osawa (myspace) has released a new remix compilation disk titled Teppan-Yaki. The album is a two disk release with a total of 27 tracks including most of his remixes, and some new original material. This follows  up his hugely popular album The One. I’ve been listening to this album I have the say that there’s plenty of fresh, quality music on there.

数々の素敵なリミックスを作ってきた大沢伸一ですが、そのリミックス達をまとめた2枚組みのコンピレーションが’Teppan Yaki’です。彼のファンにはマストアイテムでしょう。そして’EEAA’ (以前はsora)や何ヶ月か前にマイスペースに載っていたニュートラックを含む幾つかのボーナストラック付。そしてオタク心をくすぐるポイントとして今までのバージョン実はちょっと違った変化がいろんなトラックの所々にあります。

It will be released on Japan’s Rhythm Zone label catalog #RZCD-46331. Find the tracklist and more info on the release on his official site.

For those of you in L.A., he is scheduled to perform on Halloween night at the upcoming HARD Haunted Mansion 2009 event. In other news, a source indicates that Shinichi is currently working on remixing Fred Falke.

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Photos from DJ Funk at Dim Mak Tuesdays

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Photos from DJ Funk at Dim Mak Tuesdays

Posted on 16 September 2009 by shaunt

We snapped some photos at Dim Mak Tuesdays last night where house music pioneer DJ Funk dropped some of his ghetto uptempo beats. Afterwards, we stopped over at an AGA Sorority function at Les Deux. Photos are up. Click it. (or on flickr).

Taken on September 15th, 2009 at Cinespace and Les Deux in Hollywood.

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Daft Punk Scores Tron 2.0

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Daft Punk Scores Tron 2.0

Posted on 15 September 2009 by shaunt


Sept 30: French electronica duo Daft Punk has been signed to write the original music score for Tron Legacy (commonly known as Tron 2.0), Walt Disney’s upcoming sequel to the groundbreaking 1982 animation cult hit which was scored by electronic music icon Wendy Carlos. Thomas and Guy-Manuel of Daft Punk have been involved in various films before, but Tron 2.0 will be their first complete feature film score. via Upcoming Film Scores

I’m excited to share for your listening pleasure a leak of the new Daft Punk track composed for the movie. Give it a listen.

Also, here’s an extended edit of the track by house music producer Cryda Luv.

Update (Sept 29): Another track from the soundtrack for your listening pleasure.

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Alan Braxe and One Man Party at Discotheque 9/18

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Alan Braxe and One Man Party at Discotheque 9/18

Posted on 14 September 2009 by levon

Legendary French DJ Alan Braxe will be performing at Discotheque on Friday, September 18. Expect to hear some of the finest French filter house from the 90s. Along with Alan Braxe, Steve Slingeneyer from Soulwax, also known as One Man Party, will be performing as well. Being the great drummer he is for Soulwax, we can’t wait to hear what beats he’s gonna drop. Resident DJ Destructo will also be there to join in on the beats.


In other news, Mr. Oizo has been booked to headline CONTROL at the Avalon on October 16th. More information closer to the date.

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