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Interview: Arveene and Misk

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Interview: Arveene and Misk

Posted on 31 August 2009 by levon

Straight out of Ireland, producers Arveene and Misk are releasing their new track called “Hells Bells”. This dark piece of production is one hell of a track.

We had a chance to interview the guys behind it all.

CS: We’re wondering who/what are some of your influences?

A&M: We’ve got such a wide range of influences from 70’s disco to 80’s & Early 90’s Hip Hop… Mike Pickering in his Hacienda days, Erol Alkan since he started Thrash to Andy Weatherall before he was a DJ… To be honest we listen to almost all types of music.. and draw influence from quality as opposed to genre… We also love Sci Fi….

CS: Do you guys have plans on making a major release soon (new singles, an LP)?

A&M: We’re working on new material all the time and have loads in the pipe line but that’s all we can say really… Loads of remix work coming… DJ Wool & Subtitle, Baby Monster, Hystero and Magnus, plus one other really big act that I can’t tell you about….

CS: How and when you guys started producing/DJing?

A&M: A few years ago i was working with Drum &  Bass producer Beta 2.. he put me in touch with Misk and the rest is history really.. I’ve been a Dj for years since i was 11 and Misk has been making tracks for over 10 years… We love what we do….

CS: I noticed you are very close with the Ed Bangers (especially after the Pourriture EP). How did you meet the crew?

A&M: I played with Pedro, Mehdi & Xavier a few times and just became friends.. I have a lot of respect for those guys.. they Kill it every time for me.. Always fun to hear them play and real cool guys.. they love music… big up.

CS: Do you have any tours coming up in the US?

A&M: No plans as of yet but there’s been some interest. We’d love to come and tour the US for sure.. Come get us promoters. 🙂

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Remembering DJ AM

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Remembering DJ AM

Posted on 30 August 2009 by shaunt


Our thoughts and consolances go out to those most affected by the passing of Adam Goldstein. On August 28, 2009, we were shocked to hear of the sudden passing of the late DJ AM. Los Angeles will never be the same again. Rest in peace.



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This Friday…

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This Friday…

Posted on 27 August 2009 by levon

This Friday is bangin’ as usual. Check out Control at Avalon to see Junior Boys and many more. Right next door to Control is the grand opening of Bardot Fridays, featuring Adam 12. Also, Check out Discotheque at the 740 Lounge in Downtown, LA to see our buddy Destructo and crüe drop some sick beats at the “Basement Party”. Take your pick.


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Photos from HARD Summer Festival

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Photos from HARD Summer Festival

Posted on 20 August 2009 by shaunt

It’s been up on our flickr for a few days. In case you haven’t already seen the photos, here they are…

Click it to see the gallery or check out these photos on our flickr.

Were you there? Here’s our short review of the event.

The highlight performance of the night had to have been Busy P’s kick-off set on the main stage. Even he was shocked at how huge of a turnout he had at 8PM. Crystal Castles followed with an.. uh… interesting set laced with a touch of intentional audio feedback and static…. READ IT

Taken August 8th, 2009 at The Forum in Inglewood, CA.



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