Photos from Björk Voltaic at Nike Sportwear at the Montalbán

Posted on 27 June 2009 by shaunt


Flux and Nike Sportswear hosted the Los Angeles premiere of Björk’s Voltaic. The new release features a video document of Bjork’s highly-acclaimed Volta Tour Live as recorded in Paris last year. Those present in attendance at The Montalbán were able to experience the spectacle in high-definition video and audio. The screening presented a simulation of the experience of being omnipresent at Björk’s climatic live performance. The aura of the evening was explemplified by the mystique of the artists’ unusual yet attractive style as it unfolded along with the magnitude of the music’s progression throughout her set.  A post-reception featuring a DJ set from LA Riots followed the screening.

Although I wasn’t physically present at her live performance, I have to say it is probably one of the most epic shows out there. As the Guardian (UK) said in its five-star review, “Björk delivers a performance as visually spectacular as it is musically innovative. Fifteen years into her solo career Björk remains the least compromising and most fantastical pop superstar talent.” Voltaic will be released on June 30, 2009 by Nonesuch Records. Pre-order it on amazon.

Photos from the event are found on our flickr. Taken June 23rd 2009 at Nike Sportswear at the Montalbán in Hollywood, CA.