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Happy Birthday ClubSoda!

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Happy Birthday ClubSoda!

Posted on 30 June 2009 by levon

So we’ve been live for a year now and we’d like to thank all of you who are supporters (whoever you are). We plan on sticking around for the years to come (unless our site gets shut down or something)….. BUT for now, we’ll continue to bring you the shots and the music! Peace y’all.


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Darling Records

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Darling Records

Posted on 29 June 2009 by levon

Darling Records, the record label founded by Axel le Baron and Julien Kourbatoff, revives the classic, French filter-house music which sounds like the former Crydamoure Records from France. Including other artists in the label like signee Eric Chédeville a.k.a. Rico the Wizard, Darling Records will continue to produce tracks for future releases. Their FACEBOOK page will keep you informed about future releases. Stay tuned.

Darling 001: Axel Le Baron – Primary School
Darling 002: Rico the Wizard – Spell Of Love
Darling 003: Axel Le Baron – Music Is The Danger
Darling 004: Le Baron/Kourbatoff – In Love (Coming Soon)


Buy the tracks HERE.

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SebastiAn (LIVE) at Sonar 2009

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SebastiAn (LIVE) at Sonar 2009

Posted on 22 June 2009 by levon

Ed Banger artist SebastiAn will be performing at Sonar 2009, with something new to show the world. SebastiAn is known for his heavy beats and twisted tunes, and now he brings to you something a little different. The stage setup is simply just a podium, like a church alter from hell.

During his set, SebastiAn pulls out something that makes the entire crowd go wild; the Pagliacci “Ross Ross Ross” mask.

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Thieves Like Us DJ Set at the Heist 6/18

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Thieves Like Us DJ Set at the Heist 6/18

Posted on 18 June 2009 by levon

Thieves Like Us, who brought the track “Drugs In My Body” off the Kitsune Records Compilation 4 release, are playing a DJ set tonight at the Heist in Hollywood.  In celebration for the release of their new EP Really Like to See You Again, tomorrow they will be performing live as a band at the Echplex alongside Esser and a few other supporting acts. RSVP on going to win one of 5 free tickets…


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