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Photos from Last Night – Soulwax Screening

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Photos from Last Night – Soulwax Screening

Posted on 29 October 2008 by shaunt

We were at the Part of the Weekend Never Dies movie screening last night.

Then we walked over to see see Gary Richards do a set at Teddy’s at the Roosevelt.

Click it to see the gallery.
For high resolution photos, see the photos on our flickr account.

Taken October 29th, 2008 at Nike Sportswear at The Montalbán, Hollywood and Teddy’s at the Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood.

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A Cross The Universe Screening in LA

Posted on 28 October 2008 by shaunt

As if there isn’t enough stuff going on in LA this Halloween weekend, something new has been announced.

The Busy P Halloween night AirForce launch event we told you about earlier now has been turned into a movie screening event. A Cross The Universe, the new Justice documentary will be screened at the Montalban this Friday night. You can RSVP here.

This film contains mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for all ages. You’ve been warned. 

Friday October 31st, 2008
6PM – Opening reception with cocktails courtesy of Belvedere Vodka
7PM – Film Premiere introduced by Busy P and Justice
8PM – Busy P x Nike Air Force 1 Launch 

Nike Sportswear at The Montalbán
1615 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA

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DJ Falcon at Banana Split Sundae

Posted on 27 October 2008 by shaunt

Just announced: [actually... it's not even announced yet]

This Sunday night WILL be epic. I have no doubt. It’s a Roulé Records reunion at LAX, as DJ Falcon will be headlining this week’s Banana Split Sundae. DJ Falcon is the label mate of Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter, who released solo material on Thomas’ Roulé Records in the late 1990s. Roulé Records has a true cult following, particularly from die hard fans of Daft Punk. Enough of the history lesson; if you want to know more about these guys, look it up on discogs or wikipedia.

We are really stoked for this event. It’s going to be a sure-shot attempt at suicide for us [as well as a few others who will be spending the weekend going back and forth from LA to Vegas and back] to get to this event, but this is one of those MUST-GO events.

One more thing: if you look at the flier it says “and a super special banging guest…” Considering the festivities in town this weekend, who can this be? When there’s smoke, there’s fire. It’s going be off the hook. 

Again… DJ Fucking Falcon. Be there……………………. rsvp

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Halloween Night in Los Angeles

Posted on 23 October 2008 by shaunt

So Halloween is almost a week away. Still don’t have plans? We can help. 

The good thing is that this Halloween there are plenty of choices of events to go to. We’re actually planning on going to not one, not two, but three places in the same night. 

First off, the most recently announced event is an Ed Banger Halloween Party.

Sponsored by Nike, the Ed Bangers will be hosting a Halloween Kick-Off party at the Montalban Theater in Hollywood. This is the same theater that Soulwax will be screening their Part of the Weekend Never Dies on the 28th. The new Busy P AirForces will be unveiled at the event, and you will have an opportunity to meet the members of the Ed Rec Crue, while still outfitted in your Daft Punk knock-off Halloween costume. There’s no RSVP, so just show up. The event starts at 5PM at the Montalban.


What to do next? Well, of course there’s Hard Haunted Mansion, but if you don’t have tickets to it, or if you intend on showing up late, you could always check out an event sponsored by LA Metromix.

The people who brought you DanceRight at La Cita bring you Drop-Dead Gorgeous Halloween at the Natural History Museum directly South of USC. Here you can catch DJ Sets from Treasure Fingers, Classixx, and our pick Holy Ghost. The best part of this event is that it is absolutely free for admission. Don’t want to fork out $60 for a Hard Ticket? This is your best bet. There is a catch, though, to admission: you simply need to RSVP. Easy, right? Open up your favorite email program or webmail site and send your confirmation over to

If you’re going to this event and staying there, enjoy yourself. But if not, you always have the option of walking over to Hard Fest going on within walking distance. A safe bet would be to pay couple bucks and parking over at the University of Southern California Parking Structure X on Figueroa. This parking structure is located right in between, and is walking distance, both the Metromix and Hard events. That being said, you can head north on Figueroa and find yourself at one of the most epic electronic events that Los Angeles has ever hosted.


Meet Hard Haunted Mansion.

With a line-up featuring the biggest names in electronic music, I have no doubt that this event will be the highlight of the night. You will have an opportunity to catch the likes of Justice, Soulwax, SMD, Boys Noize, Crystal Castles, Crookers, and a few others…… all in the same night! If you haven’t bought your tickets for this yet, you should because they may sell out and/or reach capacity early. So get your costume, get your ass to the Shrine on Halloween night, and prepare for one of the biggest nights of electronic music ever to take place in the western hemisphere. 



But wait…. there’s more. Still not satisfied? Halloween is not just a night… it’s the whole weekend.
By the time you wake up the following morning hungover from Hard Fest, you have just enough time to get yourself and a few close companions in a car, and head east to the northbound Interstate 15. Follow the road for a couple hundred miles, and you will end up in Las Vegas where the party never ends. The Fabulous Festival is the biggest electronic show in Las Vegas history, where you can catch sets from  MSTRKRFT, Crystal Castles (again), DEADMAU5, HeartsRevolution, and [once again] the Ed Banger Crew featuring Busy P, DJ Mehdi, SebastiAn, SoMe and Mr Flash. Since Las Vegas is lenient with ordinances, curfews and whatnot, expect this event to go on until the wee hours.
We will be at all four events. And if these don’t satisfy you… I don’t know what else to say.


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Shadow Dancer – Soap

Posted on 19 October 2008 by levon

Shadow Dancer, signed to Boys Noize Records, has a new track coming out. Soap is a hugely anticipated [and overdue] release on the label, and is expected to be released sometime within the next few months. The track has apparently been complete for quite some time now, as Erol Alkan dropped it during a DJ set last April.

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Electronic Music Festival 2008

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Electronic Music Festival 2008

Posted on 19 October 2008 by levon

Electronic Music Festival is having their second festival featuring many popular names. Artists signed under BNR (Boys Noize Records) like Strip Steve, Shadow Dancer, D.I.M., and Housemeister, will be performing at the festival. Be prepared for some glitchy, dirty, distorted beats! More names will be announced soon!

Click here for more info!

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Soulwax Movie Screening – October 28 in LA

Posted on 18 October 2008 by shaunt

Soulwax and Saam Farahmand’s kinetic documentary, PART OF THE WEEKEND NEVER DIES, captures all the excitement, chaos and humor of Soulwax’s world tour. The film also features 2manydj’s, James Murphy, Nancy Whang, Erol Alkan, Tiga, Justice, Busy P, So-Me, Peaches, Kitsuné, Klaxons and many more with interviews and LOTS of music.

The evening will also feature a Halloween costume contest. The best dressed guest will win an exclusive Halloween meet and greet with Busy P and Justice at The Montalbán, a limited-edition pair of Nike Busy P Air Force One sneakers, a one-year subscription to Anthem Magazine, and a pair of VIP Tickets to the HARD Fest on Halloween night.

Admission is free, RSVP is required ( First come, first served. RSVP does not guarantee entry.

This special evening is part of Cinema Tuesdays, a new weekly series curated by Flux celebrating innovative film at The Montalbán, Nike Sportswear’s unique retail and special events theatre in Hollywood.

Tuesday October 28th, 2008
8PM – Pre-screening Reception with DJ Jason Bentley
9PM – Screening
10PM – Performance by Daedalus plus DJ C-TOWN

Where is it you ask? The Montalbán at 1615 Vine Street, Hollywood


After the screening, you can head over to Teddys at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to catch a DJ set from Gary Richards, aka DJ Destructo.

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Latest Boys Noize Remixes

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Latest Boys Noize Remixes

Posted on 18 October 2008 by levon


Alex Ridha, aka Boys Noize, has recently released two remixes. One of his remixes is originally by CJ Bolland. Last but not least, one of Boys Noize’s finest, the long awaited Late of the Pier – Focker remix! The fast, glitchy distortion added to the songs gives it that epic build-up! Truely amazing. Listen to the track below.

Both tracks are transcoded to 160kbps. If you like it, go buy it.

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Photos From Last Night / DJ Mehdi in LA

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Photos From Last Night / DJ Mehdi in LA

Posted on 06 October 2008 by shaunt

DJ Mehdi
Franki Chan

Click it to see the gallery.
For high resolution photos, see the photos on our flickr account.

Taken October 4th, 2008 at Avalon, Hollywood and also October 5th, 2008 at Banana Split Sundaes at LAX, Hollywood

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Photos From Last Night – Detour Festival

Posted on 05 October 2008 by shaunt

LA Detour Festival

    Thousands of eager hipsters and indie kids flocked to downtown Los Angeles on Saturday for the third annual LA Weekly Detour Festival. A forty dollar ticket bought access to the festival which featured 25 acts on 4 outdoor stages, spread across six city blocks around City Hall.

    In matching red tracksuits, Norwegian band Datarock played their afternoon performance which delivered a stimulating jolt of energy to the crowd. The dance-punk group performed their hit Fa-Fa-Fa, and closed off the set with a saxophone solo which served as quite a warm up for the rest of the evening. Shana Halligan’s sensual alto paired with the ambient-infused performance by Bitter:Sweet provided a chilled-out vibe reminiscent of a cool martini bar.

    As dusk set, those that skipped the soulful, disco-inspired sound of Hercules and Love Affair, probably could not help but wander into the large crowd at the Triforum Stage to catch the headlining band, Gogol Bordello. Call it gypsy; call it punk; the irrepressible, kooky multi-ethnic music collective played an energizing two-hour set, incorporating a fiddler and an accordionist to accompany the animated vocals of front man Eugene Hutz. Genre-bending progressive rockers The Mars Volta closed off the night to the biggest crowd of the festival. As the group finished their set, the experimental progressions and intoxicating presentation of their compositions left the crowd in an aura of satisfaction. -Shaunt


LA Detour Festival

Click it to see the gallery.
For high resolution photos, see the photos on our flickr account.

Taken October 4th, 2008 at in Downtown Los Angeles

Following Detour, we caught DJ Mehdi at the Avalon. Those photos will be up on Monday.
Patience is a virtue.

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