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Posted on 21 September 2008 by levon

We want to express our deep concern and condolences for those involved in the plane crash on Saturday morning.

We hope for the best for those effected in these tough times, and hope for a speedy recovery for the survivors.

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Mr. Oizo – Lambs Anger LP

Posted on 19 September 2008 by levon

Allas, Mr. Oizo has officially announced his upcoming EP, Lambs Anger. Consisting of popular tracks like Vous Etes Des Animaux (now renamed to Positif), we are expecting big things from Mr. Oizo. Listen to a cleaner/extended version of Positif for your listening pleasure, along with his other track, “Z”.


    1. Hun 2:12
    2. Pourriture 2 2:00
    3. Z 4:12
    4. Cut Dick 2:51
    5. Two Takes It 2:22
    6. Rank 1:37
    7. Bruce WIllis is Dead 3:20
    8. Jo 2:17
    9. Positif 2:51
    10. Lambs Anger 1:14
    11. Erreur Jean 2:49
    12. Steroids 2:39
    13. Gay Dentists 3:38
    14. Pourriture 7 3:25
    15. W 2:12
    16. Lars Von Sen 1:23
    17. Blind Concerto 3:21

The album will be released on the Ed Banger label on November 17th, 2008.

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Kavinsky – 1986 (Blazer EP)

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Kavinsky – 1986 (Blazer EP)

Posted on 15 September 2008 by levon

Kavinsky, everyone’s favorite french zombie DJ, recently released his Blazer EP on July 1st. The limited edition picture disk record includes his greatest hits like Testarossa Autodrive, Grand Canyon, and Wayfarer. The standout track on the record is 1986, which was originally released as a demo version on his 1986 EP back in 2007. The track features Kavinsky’s signature Night Rider-esque synthesized progressions which he is said to often blast in his red ferrari as he speeds down the streets of Paris by night.

Like it? Buy it here!

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Mr. Oizo – M-Seq

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Mr. Oizo – M-Seq

Posted on 12 September 2008 by levon

One artist that has been around in producing music is Mr. Oizo, signed under Ed Banger Records. His music has always had a distinct style, using plenty of dirty-sounding beats, unusual synths, and voice samples that you would hear on an instructional video. But all together, he makes music that is way ahead of his time, and way out of this world. 

Oizo’s album M-Seq album was released on the label F Communications back in 1998, prior to being signed to Ed Rec. His more popular album Analog Worms Attack followed shortly afterwards on the label, carrying his hit track Flat Beat. Both albums sound fairly similar, because of the synths and beats he samples in his tracks. 

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